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Welcome To The Official Discord Server Of RIYOKIRICHIE Where You Can Chat, Have Fun, Play Games, Listen to Music And Interact With Each Other In An Entertaining And SFW Environment Under Surveillance Of Well Set Rules And Moderation Team.

🎮 We Provide Our Members The 🎉 Best Place To Hangout🥳.
🎮 Keep Them Interactive With Each Other With a 🥂 Friendly Environment.
🎮 Quick Responsive Moderation Team Which Truly Makes Our Discord A Place To Talk!
🎮 We Have A Well Set Server Leveling System Which Allot Users Special Role Rewards And Unlocking Fancy Perks Upon Reaching Certain Text Levels.
🎮 And a LOT more!

We have Very active chats. About 25k messages a day! (Or more). Server levels Up to Level 100 + Unique roles + Unlock special Features! The more you talk, the more you level up in the server. It's pretty simple A very good security just to protect the server from trolls, raiders, and more. We also have a VERY good staff! They're social, helpful, and just amazing in general! We rarely get any complaints on the server, which is a very good thing. 100% SFW! We don't want to be a toxic, and bad place for people, so we would like to keep it that way.

We also have an online gaming community that's always active. We host a TON of giveaways and game nights, almost EVERY WEEK! We're also very kind to our members. A server can't get big without new people joining, so we treat everyone like family. Very fast growing! And we also have a very great welcome squad that's always ready to welcome you into the server!!

The only thing we're missing is... YOU!

We're a community that is mainly created to make New friends and chill in your free time. This is mainly a multi-purpose discord server.
For everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends.
We are a really cool community, that talks about Gaming, Music, Anime, and MUCH MORE.

So, go ahead and join us now! We cant wait to see some new faces on our server!

Join Our Discord Server!!!


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