Hello! Welcome to the Riptide community.
This is a community following the development of a Roblox game called Riptide.
This game is going to be a parkour, fast paced FPS.
It is going to be primarily PvP.

The game will consist of many maps, guns, melees, perks, and equipment. Most perks will add a movement advantage.
The main premise of the game is to keep moving to stay alive. The faster you go, the better your chances.

The game is also going to feature a character customization menu, a gun shop and upgrade menu, and a character upgrade menu.

I want the style of the game to resemble an anime gun fight with over the top speed, animations, particle effect, and lighting effects.
The game will have intense electronic, and synth-wave music for the fighting portion, and a more calm version for the menu.

This is simply a basic description of what I want the game to be. If anyone has any suggestions please go the the #suggestions channel and tell me there. This game is in early development stages so now is the best time for suggestions for additions or changes

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