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21 Ratings
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    Parzahs#0001May 30, 2021


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    Frakeu#6967April 21, 2021


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    ! ary123#6969February 10, 2021

    Annoying people and peope samming my dm
    I felt sad after joining

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    i luv this server

    JOHN#2377February 7, 2021

    this server is amazing no cap and the people on there are are very nice

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    fuck you

    tmbr#9982February 4, 2021

    very much

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    God server

    stout#9740February 4, 2021

    Amazing server with amazing people

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    The greatest server of all time!

    Quikkster#3200February 3, 2021

    Quikkster Infinity is a g

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    amazing sever

    ocqpy#3657February 3, 2021

    the server is full of amazing people that are all nice and welcoming,no sort toxicity and he has giveaways :P

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    Quicksters server is the best

    large#3286February 3, 2021

    quicksters which is a member of infinitymob has an amazing server for the community and he has amazing givaways which reward the community aswell, he has a very organized and active server which i would consider you joining to make new friends to play games with :D

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    Joltify#0666February 3, 2021

    This server is lit. Giveaways and more I recommend joining this server

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    uthonia#9149February 3, 2021

    absolutely goated fkn server! He does giveaways and so much more!

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    best server

    Black n Mild#6297February 3, 2021

    great server includes giveaways and all types of stuff !

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    -LAW-#0194February 2, 2021

    Well its chill and fun all i gotta say

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    sosa#8729February 2, 2021

    This server is fire

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    best server on discord

    noars#9704February 1, 2021

    everyone in the server is super chill, no toxicity in chat/calls. everyone is very welcoming and it's a great server to be in if you're bored, looking for members to play games with, etc. overall a very great server to be in!

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    Most Welcoming Server

    Klips#5554February 1, 2021

    Everyone in the server gives you a warm welcome and are very nice and open. even with how small the server is, new people are consistently coming into the calls at all times. Never felt anything more fitting to give something five stars than this server.

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    nice server

    diegovoltiic#3150February 1, 2021


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    Most amazing Server

    DVL xLeo#3264February 1, 2021

    The server is amazing. There are always people to talk to and stuff to do. Theres a lot of opportunity to self promote your stuff and grow. Quikkster is such a genuine guy and fun to talk to.

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    The Litteral best server of all time

    AVK (BIG CLEA/FROSTY STAN)#6666February 1, 2021

    My stay here has brought slot of fun and good times with alot of people in the server i would not had as much fun if it wasnt for quikkster and his and server :)

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    My stay here in the server...

    novahs#4933January 31, 2021

    My stay here in the Quikkster Squad discord server is very comfortable. Very chill and love to come in here and chill with the boys. Best server I've been in!

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    The greatest server of all time!

    Quikkster#3200January 31, 2021