Outlawed-1PP Winter Cherno|Groups|No SafeZone|Helis|Drugs||

LAUNCHING TONIGHT FRIDAY 16TH DEC 22- 8pm UK/9pm EU/3pm est/2pm cst/1pm mst

New to DayZ? New to PC? or just looking for a new home? We have a brand new Winter Chernarus server open to everyone.

Brand new Vanilla+ Chernarus Server (currently winter map only for the festive period ), with carefully selected mods that offer a better quality of life in game, with a larger variety of weapons, Clothes and items to enhance interaction and experience .(No One Tappers, 308 is highest caliber Round still). Food and Warmth are key to survival aswell as protecting yourself from Wild animals and most of all other players. We have overhauled the key POI in the game creating a new experience for potential conflict and player interaction.(Balota, NWAF, Krasno, VMC and GM)

Server Info/Mods

  • 80 Slots
  • 1PP (3pp in vehicles)
  • 7 Group Max
  • LB's Advanced Groups
  • Vehicles + Heli's (Arma2)
  • BaseBuildingPlus
  • CodeLocks
  • Modular Weapons
  • Drugs/Cannabis Plus
  • Care Packages
  • Base Storage
  • Custom Clothing
  • 24/7 Active admin from UK and US
  • More

All players welcome

Come and check us out for yourself!


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