Oceania RP

The server – which was established in April of 2019 under a different name – has expanded rapidly over a short time to become one of the most popular servers in the region. We’re proud to have a strong, positive community that works together to make amazing stories and fun experiences for everyone.

Our server is one where players build life-like characters that fall into wild plots and events. Each character is special in their own way and we are a community that embraces creative ideas and interesting story-lines. We pride ourselves in plots and stories that keep our players on the edge of their seats.

Server Features:

# Custom Framework
# Working Economy
# Mumble Communication System
# Contractor and Whitelisted Jobs
# Active, Friendly Community
# Supportive Staff
# Custom Hairstyles and Clothes
# Custom Vehicles
# Consistent Server Updates
# Multiple Police Departments
# Emphasis on Story and Narrative

Time for a new life?

Do you want to be a petty criminal who holds up stores? An adored civilian? A tough police officer? If you think you have what it takes to join this amazing community, we want to hear your story!

Visit our website at https://www.oceaniarp.com.au/ and head to the "Apply" page to fill out the form with as much detail as you can, so we can understand more about you!

Once your application has been reviewed and if you are accepted you will be whitelisted & notified on our Discord that you can now join our city!

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2 Ratings
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    MOHAMED#9377April 15, 2022

    Gg bro gang

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    Awesome OCE server

    TechJess#5555April 8, 2022

    Love the staff, love the server! 10/10 will RP again