NoD | Community

Welcome to NoD!

Your first question is probably “what does NoD stand for” and we can’t answer that one we’re afraid. It started as a temporary tag that we got too attached to, we then couldn’t figure out a name behind it so we decided that NoD would just be NoD. Simple!

Who are we?

Founded on the 20th of January 2022, NoD is a new community of likeminded players who all want the same thing: A quality group of people to play Squad with, be it casual or competitive, and a great server to base out of. Membership isn't a requirement to play with us but it would let you in on planned events between members.

I wish to be a member. How do I join?

Glad to hear you’d like to join us! Join us at our discord and seek #admin∙¦∙join-nod channel to get started.

I have more questions, or feedback!

We want to hear from you! Jump into our voice chat, share your questions or feedback in the relevant text channels or reach out to any NoD member!

Primarily we play Squad, other games are a part of us too these include but are not limited to War Thunder, ArmA 3, Ready or Not, R6S etc.

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