A big ship of flight that takes place in the sky and stars where we all head on adventures across the world!
☆ Our place offers ☆

🎮 - Gaming rooms ☆
💭 - A text-heavy chat ☆
🎥 - Content and live streams ☆
🤖 - So many discord bots to use ☆
💙 - A safe place for so many people ☆
🐱 - Friendly and chill Cat-Bird owner ☆
🤝 - We offer partnerships with requirements ☆
🎟️ - Over 40 self-assign roles to choose from ☆
🎨 - Big art room to explore your creative side ☆
👼 - Great mod support and powerful security ☆

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    A Server Heading to New Highs Yay!

    Healing_Love#6940August 12, 2021

    A great server with so many roles to choose from like gaming. The mods are very chill as long you don’t get them angry. The server has a selection of channels that I’ve never seen in any Discord server do before. The owner is very busy at times doing Life, Twitch, and other stuff but loves to chat with everyone on the server. In conclusion, this is one of the most cleanest and Beautiful servers ever. I’ll come back to chat more on this server, great job Naoyuki.