Northern Roleplay | Public | Anyone can become Cop

What our server offers
•We have 600 different types of CIV cars you can choose from.
•We have 100 different Police cars that you can choose from
•We offer 12 different fire and ems vehicles you can choose from.
•We offer over 100 different types of LEO uniforms you can choose from.
•We have active staff that are on and working hard on the server.
•We have a CAD and a Radio that works with the server

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2 Ratings
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    Server is really Fun

    McWhopper#6342August 18, 2022

    I have been in this server since they opened 3 days or so ago. I really enjoy it. They have 600 Civ and 100 Cop cars its Crazy. They are always trying to make the server Better by listen to the community. I had encounter a issue about crashing. I always crashed in the same Spot same as a lot of other people did to. The Dev Team was right on it after couple reported it. They seem like a awesome community.

    Thanks Northern Roleplay the Best

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    Good Review for northern Role PLAY

    AirSoftKing_420#2511August 18, 2022

    Northern Role Play is a good rping server with good staff and a fun server. they offer a lot of cars a clothing join the server and check them out