MetaPioneers MPI

Welcome! 😁 The ways to participate and play MetaPioneers are simple and there are many ways to play the game. Here I will provide you with some basic introductions.

Firstly, in MetaPioneers, you can buy NFTs, choose to hold mining or upgrade, holding mining requires upgrading NFT attributes through props; The corresponding chip is required for upgrading. All props are sold in the chain in the form of blind boxes.

Once the master level is reached, one can enjoy the permanent benefits brought by the vault and obtain the corresponding platform token or the main cryptocurrency.

In addition, upon reaching the mastery level you can participate in the team game, and by completing the contribution value of the corresponding level you can become a first officer or captain, i.e. organize a fleet of starships.

By reaching the corresponding level you can participate in identity competitions and receive fleet dividends or interstellar dividends.

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