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Luffy Rust Texas USA -

NOW OFFERING 2X PvP Server! Check website for information on how to connect.

Luffy Rust is a community of friendly people who like to discover, build,
make new friends and enjoy a hostile free environment.

If you like PVP, we offer PvE zones with;
· Raidable Bases with over 220 base designs to challenge you,
· Dangerous Treasures,
· Heavy Oil Rig with Bradley, code puzzle to solve and heavy npc's
· Airfield event to keep you busy. LOADED WITH LOOT!

· 10X Gather | PvE | NoBP | Skins | Kits | Backpacks | MyMini | Build Server
· Refer-4-Reward - Bring your friends to play and everyone gets rewarded!

· Vote daily to get great rewards and levels /vote

· Use /info to learn all about Luffy Rust and commands

· In-game /shop to buy all your goodies.

· To help you get started try /kit

· Join Discord

· Luffy Rust Website
· Shop

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