Legend’s modshop

S o Fortnite is a really fun game and
E veryone should respect their guide-
L ines because they direct you to a successful
L ifestyle and anyone promot-
I ng any sort of hacks or aimbot is
N ot cool and we will be
G lad to kick anyone who does this!

F ortnite is my favorite game
O ther than warzone because it is
R eally fun to play. if you cheat on it i will
T ell on you because people who don't hack do
N ot ruin the game the other
I conical players that still play. Please
T rust this server because
E veryone is cool in their own way.

C alm down! no need to rage in this server. If this is
H ard for you, then you and
E veryone that is
A ssociated with you needs to leave
T his perfect, rage free,
S erver ASAP.

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