DayZ: Left 2 Survive

After two months of private testing, "DayZ: Left 2 Survive - ChernarusPlus" just went public with a completely new server and we're looking for people to play with. We're no "Sunshine Miami" server where everything is super-easy, but we're not focusing on hardcore survival either. Another server running Livonia is already being worked on.

DayZ: Left 2 Survive - ChernarusPlus
Port: 24000

Slots: 32 (4 reserved for admins) - will be expanded if there's enough demand
Restarts: 07:00 AM CET (UTC +01:00)
Player region focus: Europe

  • Increased vehicle spawns
  • Increased helicopter crash sites
  • Increased police wreck spawns
  • No food decay
  • Trader zones: Zelenaya Gora, Kumyrna, Elektrozavodsk
  • Toxic zones: Troitskoe (radius 500m), Tisy (radius 1000m)
  • Access your inventory even while running
  • Advanced banking system with clan accounts and timed paychecks - pay directly from your bank account
  • Advanced party system with 3D markers and real-time member status display
  • Base raiding with explosives
  • Chatting across the entire map through global chat
  • Custom starting gear (without guns - we don't want to start WWIII in Elektrozavodsk)
  • Custom vehicles
  • Expanded base building capabilities including BaseBuildingPlus, code locks and many decoration and fortification items
  • In-game compass interface, full-screen map (requires a tourist map) and minimap
  • No shoe damage - run as far as your feet can carry you
  • No vehicle damage from crashes/collisions
  • Over 100 custom weapons with more to come
  • Significantly increased inventory space
  • Super-quiet vanilla suppressors
  • Unlimited stamina
  • Vehicle-friendly terrain - drive from Chernogorsk to Zelenaya Gora in a Gunter 2 with ease

All infos on Discord:
Steam collection containing every mod running on DayZ: Left 2 Survive:

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