˚.➴· Welcome to IDFKATM ︿︿ ˖ ॱ ੭


Ad astra abyssosque Travellers~ Are you looking for a chill and friendly community? Or perhaps a place to meet new friends for Genshin~? Or maybe just a server for both, Anime and different gaming communities? If you are, then IDFKATM is the community for you~! ༉‧ ♡


♡⁀﹒What our server offers:

╰➜ Friendly community & a great place to hangout in~! ✦˖・

╰➜ Anime nights and many more events ♡⁀

╰➜ Genshin related bots and channels which provides leaks~! ࿐ ࿔

╰➜ MANY bots to mess around with ˖ ॱ

╰➜ Helpful staff & experienced players~! Also QnA and team building channels for advice~! ✩‧₊˚

╰➜As we grow, we will be NEEDING more moderators to help control things, if you've been looking to become a moderator as well, this could be your chance.


↳ ❝ Are you interested? Do you want to know more info? ❞
✎ ୭ Come join and be apart of our community? Our Almighty Shogun will await your arrival there~!・ ❤︎
(We are a new server still, SO please be patient with us~!)

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