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Hey there, do you want easy to use servers/bots for discord? Well this is the place for you! We will make you a discord bot or a discord server for really cheap prices!

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SALES: here

- Info

So with these things we start at only $5 and go all the way up to $15 so really cheap! So please check out our sales and if you do like it head to our server and let us know you placed an order!

- About Us

Hey there! Im the founder of hugo development and i want to tell you some stuff about hugo development, so if you want you can read all of this. I hope this all makes sense!

Hugo development is a small business ran by two people who make items on discord from servers all the way to bots, we are based in the uk and we are both school boys trying to make communities the best we can for insanely cheap prices from just $5. We fist opened online at the start of 2021 so very recently, our main goal in this is to help as many people as possible within the community make some amazing things.

Some peoplemay be thinking isnt there already things like this? Yes there is but you will not get the customer support like you do here at hugo development! We aim to make our customers as happy as possible with their final product as we have put as much effort in as possible and who knows we could become succesful one day!

We hope to have you as a customer very soon!

- Copyright

© 2021 Hugo development - any pieces of work copied from us will have enforcement taken upon the user.

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