Hello Everyone!

We’re a Mobile Platform based Gaming Community! We are looking for active players to connect with and grind/mess around on some games with. We have multiple music/entertainment bots to chill with so come check us out!

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7 Ratings
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    kuk#6832February 2, 2021

    The organization of the server is delicious and soft on the eyes. Idk how so many attractive people can be in one place but they are. Everybody is cool to be around except for Snot since she steals from and insults me, but I get over it. The owner, Ragnar, is a hair model and likes to brag about it but it's easy enough to ignore. Overall, it's a fun server to be in and catch feelings for prove inside :)

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    Very amazing server!

    Smol Potato#1232February 1, 2021

    This server is a must join for all gamers looking to meet other gamers alike! All the people in it are really cool and there’s not toxicity.They have a really chill admin along with chill mods! They have so many things for you to do in that server so there’s NEVER a dull moment! They all team up daily for games and they host giveaways as well :D Come join us!!

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    Great server

    KN Atomic#7242February 1, 2021

    Good community with responsive and active staff and accurate instructions and rules on what you can or can’t do

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    hotty snotty

    ꇙꋊꄲ꓄#0367February 1, 2021

    HOLY SHIT the ppl in the server is like hot asf like goddamn. i be kissing my homies . (the admin looks like incredible boy but he got swag) they said i got the most swag in the server. the discord server is child friendly ... we cuss but no nudity.

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    Awesome rules

    Punisher#3018February 1, 2021

    The rules and layout of the server is amazing. The mods are also good looking and hot.

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    Angel ;-;#1894February 1, 2021

    An epic Discord server that you should consider joining! :)

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    Great Layout

    RagnarLothbrok#4200February 1, 2021

    The layout was clean and easy to use. I liked. Being in my own music room to vibe to LoFi while on CodM though too.