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WELCOME To the GTGaming Community Discord server! Here we're a small knit community of diverse gamers from different parts of the world with varying professions who help each other in casual and competitive games! Fundamentally coming from a competitive background, we've learned to take it easy and focus our skills in Military based Shooters Ranging from GTGaming Community server is made up of players focused on Arma 3, War Thunder, Digital Combat Simulator and Valheim.
Down time from games is focused on discussing on politics, policy , current events, movies/watch together parties and our own Hobbies! We have international players, military veterans, experienced players, and professionals . a Wide variety of players
We have one Main server Focused for Arma III that rotates between Liberation and Antistasi, multiple events, and we are currently friendly with the developers of the Antistasi community. Furthermore we have our own custom maps and missions we run, and membership for access to weapons/etc is given away to members more or less for ease.
By joining us, you get :
» access to FREE Game Servers for Members

» Servers in Valheim, Arma 3 and Squad

» Opportunities to grow within the community!

» Create and control your own Dynamic Voice Channel!

» We recognize and rewards participation and promotion!

» Experienced players that can train and coach you!

» A diverse group with world wide membership!

» Nitro boosted server for more emojis and fun!

We currently have a Valheim server available, and a Digital combat Simulator crew that runs F-16s, F-18, and A-10's regularly. They play at random times but are here.

we have a semi active squadron for war thunder focused on casual and are looking for players for War Thunder and Enlisted

All languages are also welcome !

Feel free to join!

Main games:
Arma 3
War Thunder
Chivalry II
Digital Combat Simulator
Dont Starve Together

Games played:
VR games
Civilization 6,
Indie games
Dont Starve Together !

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