Fatherless Server

We are a sever called the "Fatherless Server" we have a small community of members and a couple of
ai chat bots🤖🗣️. Also we have 2 music bots🎵. We have a meme community and also a gaming server🎮.
We have a minecraft server that you can apply for! we have art channels where u can post any art🎨. We also have our own currency called "Fatherless Bucks"💵.
We are a very chill community and are hoping to get more members👥!

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7 Ratings
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    It's good

    MarcosTheAnimator#0687February 21, 2023

    It's a cool server and there's literally no arguments! Except our weekly argument between two members every week!

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    Best server yayayayayayayya dsadada da

    Swifty gogger#9489February 20, 2023

    Such great server. There are ZERO arguments in the server (Except when me and yoofie get into one) and the trees are cool to look at. 101010101 starss would recomend also cousin sogga guy is supper coo l nice yaya best server!!!!!!u!!i1Ui!YU8!1!!11!!!!~!!!1!!

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    PersonMan65#7140February 20, 2023

    Amazing. Perfect. GODLY even. Literally the best server to ever touch the face of the digital earth. There hasn't been and will not be a singular server better than this one. If you aren't in this server I'm coming to your house and stealing your kneecaps

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    Good server

    BeastGlace#0422February 16, 2023

    9.5/10 servers many ai chat bots and it’s very fun. This server is very chill there are arguments very rare but it’s still very cool!

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    The wall is my friend 💀#2365February 16, 2023

    Good ass server for everyone!

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    Raul_EXE124#0940February 14, 2023

    This secehehehsjusujw is so good and I am the artist for this server who draws pictures for 13 year olds and the ai chat bots are fun to mess with and I hate Marcos

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    the people in the server are nice and pretty funny

    the cousin sogga#2431February 14, 2023

    fr fr it was a bussin time in that server so good tbh i love it