-End Of DayZ EU/UK-

Looking for a thrilling DayZ experience? Look no further than End of DayZ EU/UK-200kStart|Bunkers|MysteryBox|AirDrops|KeyCards|AirSoft|Traders&More! Our PC platform server boasts 60 slots and is packed with exciting features, including custom bunkers, DNA keycards, custom weapons and gear, and even airsoft guns.

But that's not all. We also offer a Call of Duty style mystery box, regular airdrops, and engaging events to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Plus, with active and helpful staff, you can be sure you'll have the support you need to enjoy your time on our server.

Join our community today and experience DayZ like never before. Click here to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/94yWKzw

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2 Ratings
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    Best dayz server out there to date

    ShReK#5376May 11, 2023

    This server is amazing! The mods are done really well and the owners and devs have done a fantastic job aswell as being really helpful when and if you need them in game (doesn’t happen often) considering how dayz can be at times this server feels like a different game because of how well made it is and performs! Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me! Also the Harley style motorbikes and cats are my fav.

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    Great Server, Defo check out !

    AstonPonder1#8022May 11, 2023

    Great Server, i would definitely recommend checking it out. this server has custom bunkers and Traders, there is so much to do on this server you will never get bored, there is also a island where you can get great loot and good PVP this island is a good place to go for the BEST PVP if you are up for some, they also have Great airdrops, keycard rooms and more.

    Overall this is a great server and if you love DayZ you will definitely love this custom server !