Dragon with hidden ETH [NFT]

  • 1️⃣+1️⃣ BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! - Find and buy a dragon with hidden ETH inside the NFT and you will win one extra NFT! It's never minding how many dragons you will buy. If they have hidden ETHs, you win 1 extra dragon for each.

  • 🧱 HOLD YOUR NFT - We are giving our holders 2% of our project’s yearly revenue. More dragons, you are holding - a bigger part of the percentage you will get!

Ex: $10M/year x 2% = $200K/year
$200K/100 holders = $2,000/year per NFT in passive income

At the end of the year, we will make a review of all sales and will pick those wallets, that are holding dragon NFTs. Then we will send to each holder a transaction with his revenue in Ethereum. What a great Christmas present! 🎅 . We trust the transparent communities, that's why we will strictly announce all holders and their revenues here in our discord community, so keep your eyes always open for announcements! 👀

Who is a holder?

Someone, who bought and not listed for sale the NFT!
Caution: NFTs won from giveaways cannot be treated as holdings.

  • 🚀 MEET THE DRAGON INTO THE METAVERSE - Being Dragon’s supporter helps him to make a world tour and to meet him next time into the METAVERSE. After minting 10K dragons, we will continue expanding the collection, but this time with a 3D view.

SALE: https://opensea.io/collection/dragon-with-hidden-eth

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