DayZ Official Killfeed

Owner Dashboard

Nitrado Commands
Server Status
Server Restart
Bans / Whitelist / Priority
Check GPU & CPU
Display # Online Players
Update Token, Label & RoomID

PvP & PvE Killfeed
Displays Players, Rank and XP
Displays Location, Distance & Weapon Used
Displays XP & Money Earned from Kill
Displays Suicides
Displays Zombie & Animal Kills
Displays Landmine & Grenade Kills
Displays Combat Logs & Rage Quits
Displays Airstrike Kills
Displays Vehicle Kills
Displays Falls and Burns

Auto Leadedboards
• Player Leaderboards
• Server Leaderboards
• Global Leaderboards

Auto Heatmaps
• Kills / Deaths
• Bounties
• Players Online

Auto Server Status
• Displays Current Server Status.
• Players Online
• Location Settings
• ServerID & Patreon ID

Live Trackers
• Bounty Tracker
• Build Tracker
• Dismantle Tracker
• Distance Tracker


Calculator for Traders
Economy (work/slut/crime/rob/raid)
Games (Coinflip/8ball)
HeatMap (tracks tons of actions)
Players Distance Traveled Tracking
Round Type (displays round type of weapon used for killfeed)
Stats Tracker
Streaks Tracker (5-500 Kill/Death streaks)
Traps Tracker (Landmines, BearTraps etc)
Zone Setting and Detection

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