DEVs Dungeon

Welcome to DEVs Dungeon!👋

We are a Developer's Learning Community & we aim to connect developers from across the world, and most importantly make learning fun.

📍 Learn web development, app development, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data science, cloud development, blockchain, and embedded systems with many other enthusiasts!

📍 Also here you get additional support from our Community Mentors, Technical Heads, and also from our numerous other Community Collaborators & Organizations.

📍 We also host various technical events & fun contests weekly and are also starting with the "Personal Mentorship Program" to help & guide you in your field of interest.

📍 You also get updates on various events, workshops, courses, hackathons, internships, scholarships offered by top organizations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

👥 Fastest-growing Student Learning Community!
🎁 Win Cash Prizes, Goodies, and Swags Daily!
📖 Collaborate on Open-source Projects!
🎉 Fun Bots and Games to Play!

Daily News and Information:-
🔥 Tech Articles and Blogs
🎫 Events and Workshops Updates
💼 Jobs/Internships/Scholarships Updates
🏃‍♂️ Hackathons/Competitions Updates

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