Crucible RP

Crucible RP Season Three "Dark Age" has had an awesome launch and folks are really enjoying some RP in Banov! Our Roleplay Server utilizes powerful mods with AI Traders, Psyco Gaming Vehicles, and my personal favorite DayZ Dog (see our full list on site). We have a completely custom/reworked loot table, original lore, KoS / Safe zones and 24/7 NPC Traders (as well as Black Market) to make for an incredibly unique RP experience. The first few weeks have seen factions fighting for positions, character executions, PvP events, loot crate hunts, races and more! I've had a great time meeting all the new folks showing up daily and hope to see more soon.

Our Official Website showcases our amenities and content. But to give you a rundown at a glance here is what you can expect to see on our server and within the CRP Community:

-Immersive Mods & Tools to enhance your RP experience
-Active & Friendly Discord Hub
-Opportunities to get featured in our YouTube Series and Twitch Streams
-Player Run Economy with NPC Traders & Black Market
-Real Engagement with the Lore & Weekly Events
-Nonpartisanship towards Playstyles (No bias against Bandits!)
-Faction Wars with Real Consequences
-Challenging and Realistic PVE
-Creative assistance from the CRP Staff Team
-Community Showcases & Highlights
-Rank/XP System with in-game rewards for Community Engagement

Our Mission
Our mission at Crucible RP is to provide a creative environment for our community to engage with that is both entertaining and balanced to all styles of play.

Founded by a passionate staff team that understands the resistance sometimes met when playing "unfavorable" play styles, we enable everyone to play the character they envision. Providing interesting tools in the form of mods, rulesets and lore we collaborate with our community forging our story together.

Providing a welcoming and safe environment is of top priority. We welcome all to Crucible RP who share our values of respect and fairness. Keeping to a professional standard with our services we guarantee consistent, high value content and community moderation.

With sincere thanks to our amazing community, we hope all enjoy their time here and cannot wait to see you in game!

"Enter the Crucible, forge your story."

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