Lanfy's Lounge

Hello, I'm Cowmushroom and welcome to the World's Best Minecraft Discord Server!

Lemme tell you a bit about this server and myself.

Beep! Boop!

So this server revolves around Minecraft and my YouTube channel, Cowmushroom.
I am glad to say that Cowmushroom's Paradise has one of the Best Discord Communities with some very active people in it!
We, the staff team, added a bunch of Cool Channels where you can interact with bots, chat with others, share your creations, watch memes or even flex your amount of YouTube subscribers in order to get a rank!

Also, you get in levels for the amount of messages you type, why not trying to get in Top 10?!

Hey! Someone is actually reading about me! Try to read until the end without falling asleep! Muahaha!

Born on October 2, 2006, I'm a 14 years old teenager making Minecraft videos and streams on YouTube.
➤My Main Goal? 1 Billio... I mean, 1 Million subscribers! (Phew! I don't want them to know how crazy my ideas are...)
➤My Origins? I'm from Quebec, Canada. The only province/state in the whole country in which people speak in French either than English!
➤What I Hate The Most? Anyone sending Boop! messages to me. DON'T YOU DARE TRY!

Alive... You still are?

You actually managed to read until the end!? Well I guess I'm not the craziest person in this world.
Anyways, all you need to remember from this is to like, subsc...
Oops! wrong text file!
Actually, all I want you to do is to have As Much Fun As Possible over here because that's what this server is meant to be for. While Respecting The Server Rules.

Thanks for reading!

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