Attention all Mandem and Civilians,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, County Lines RolePlay.

Founded in the UK, We are looking to bring a new meaning to ‘community’ forever having you at the heart of our decisions.

Both the Police and the NHS are whitelisted and dedicated to protecting and serving the civilian population.

Whichever route you decide to take, whether it's crime or business. Your job options are endless, not only with 10 whitelisted roles, but also with more than 10 non-whitelisted, making it impossible to get bored.

For those who are passionate about cars, we provide over 500 custom vehicles from the best classics to the elite supercars.

Dedicated to making sure the roads are drivable and helping if you put the wrong fuel in, is our very own whitelisted Highways Agency.

You will feel right at home in our realistic economy and UK overhaul.

We hope to welcome you to the city soon.

County Lines RP

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3 Ratings
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    Almost Launch Time!

    Xyliana#2599September 12, 2022

    The excitement and launch for this is unreal. Can't wait! Staff on the Discord are awesome, community is a welcoming and fun place to be. Couldn't ask for more from a server!

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    Lets get the launch going!

    lsaac#0069September 11, 2022

    Looking forward to seeing the server go up in a couple of weeks time. The community right now is great and friendly.

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    Looking forward to the launch!

    Manic#3201September 11, 2022

    The work that has already gone into the server and community is amazing! I'm looking forward to the launch.