An EXCLUSIVE 🔥 Collection of 4,420 A$H-HEADS To Roll Your Planes✈️ To Get Lifted In The Metaverse

AshHeads is collection of 4,420 AshHeads ready to take flight and build our legacy in the metaverse. Our plan is far different than others by not only achieving our roadmap but give consistent updates on progress . Also we will have frequent community discussions , and guaranteed great utilities for being a holder . We all have known or known of someone that was wrongfully convicted or didn’t have proper funding for a lawyer or knowledge of the law. As a organization we pledge to be have frequent fundraisers to contribute to these related cases. AshHeads will also be designing super high quality designer clothing items as NFTs that you can wear in Decentraland. As well as a 3D ASHHEAD avatar in Vr-Chat .Our end goal is to create a world in the metaverse where we bring real life into the by creating a Vibe Utopia. Welcoming all good vibes to be able to purchase items and merchandise in this utopia using $BRC (Black Ruby Coin) . This coin will be the currency used in the world to purchase items . This is our way of creating a legacy to build from and a world to vibe in with innovative initiatives. Come take flight with us & join our discord !

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