Arashii Monkes


It’s my pleasure to introduce this project to you today. Arashii Monkes is a staggered collection with mint one containing 888 unique Monkes in an eye-catching 16bit art style minted on the Solana blockchain. With unique perks, attractive benefits and undeniably appealing utility in the pipeline, Arashii Monkes has a vision to become a project focussed on true decentralisation, where everyone is a winner!
But be warned, don’t sleep on it! The earlier you join the community the better! We value loyalty and passion above anything, so our Alpha phase minters will be in the greatest position to take advantage of the benefits we offer.

  • Okay, so what is a staggered collection?
    Essentially, we will mint in 3 phases. That also means 3 different roadmaps full of milestone benefits and utility that leaves nothing to be desired! Each phase will contain more Monkes that will be completely unique, even when compared to the previous phase!

  • What if I can’t afford to mint?
    Want to be involved in the community but can’t afford to mint your own Monke? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of you too! With an exceptional rewards programme for our most loyal and active community members, you have the chance to use our project to build you own fortune, and even the chance to gain free mints!
    It’s very early days over here at Arashii Monkes right now, but don’t let that deter you. This project is going to be NUTS!! 🥜

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