Ancient Hypixel

  1. Be nice to other members.
    Respect all players including guild members, staff, and Hypixel employees!
  2. Discrimination, hate speech, harassment, or any abuse is prohibited!
    Just be kind! Behavior that discriminates against other users is strictly forbidden.
  3. No excessive spamming.
    This includes messages, reactions, and emojis.
  4. No excessive swearing.
    Swearing is okay, just don't overuse it!
  5. Avoid pinging people for no reason!
    People may be busy or need to do other important things than hear you rattle!
  6. Inappropriate avatars and statuses are not allowed.
    Please remain appropriate if you are using our Discord.
  7. Advertising social media and other communities is not allowed outside of the advertising channel!
    We don't want to subscribe to your YouTube if it's not in the right place! :wink:
    Although genuinely, the AncientHypixel staff does not want to at all.
  8. Links outside of Minecraft, AncientHypixel, or Hypixel are not allowed.
    Feel free to link Hypixel threads and articles!
  9. Do not share personal information, yours, or someone else’s.
    Please play safe when online! Even though IP addresses cannot and will never define your exact location, they give an approximate guess at your state, city, and internet service provider.
  10. Do not discuss NSFW, sexual, or similar topics.
    This is for the comfort of all users. Please redirect anything like that to your NSFW book or collection that isn't in our server or Hypixel.
  11. Due to Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, anyone stating they are under 13 years of age will be banned permanently.
    Jokes included, this is a no tolerance policy on the Discord!

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