Aeterna RP


Aeterna RP is a roleplaying community that seeks to provide an immersive medieval fantasy experience within the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. We focus on providing a unique story with a large variety of races and professions to choose from.

'Driven away from their homes, mages, kings and dragon await your arrival!'

After having left their brand new homes behind and braving the wilder waters of Isa Tali, after days of nothing but stretching oceans, they finally found land. Soon they learned that this new lush land was once part of Isa Tali, before the cataclysm, as the gods had created it. On the mysterious island lived a group of mages that looked after the small remainder of the past. Meeting them they will tell you stories of a time long past and forgotten by the new generations that were born in hope to live in peace. But nothing was as true as that the land before you was still recovering from what happened ages ago and it’s balance was lost when it was torn away from the beautiful paradise it once was.


  • Custom lore
  • PVP consent
  • Group gameplay
  • Questing system
  • Profession classes
  • Large variety of races
  • Admin & player events!
  • Free form text & voice RP
  • Easy-to-run for low end setups
  • Custom spawns & creature selection

Map: The Lost Island
Mode: RPvPvE

Taming: x5
Harvesting: x2.5
Experience: x2.5

Max Wild Level: 150
Max Player Level: 105

Maturation Speed: x15
Egg Hatch Speed: x15
Mating Interval: 0.05 (1-2 hours)

For more information check our website at
Or join our discord server at

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    Promising Server

    Meowsy#7776November 8, 2021

    Looks like a very decent and immersive roleplay server. Lots of races and profession to choose from and you even get your very own companion to travel with. The questing system and the in-character discord channels look very promising.

    I love the idea of having impact on the development of the story and hope the community building will be lots of fun.

    Can't wait for the server to open up and see what roleplay is like.