League of Legends

League of Legends EUW
~Custom games
~OWN voice channels
~Verify your ingame rank with our Discord (no fake rank´s)
~Only useful roles like lane, language, verifyed ingame rank & more
~Streamer channel & highest role for streamer at stream time
~Discord support & Ticket system
Together we rise!

🇩🇪 Am 26.01.2022 18:00 beginnt unser Weekly Event!

Pro Nachricht erhaltet ihr 1 Exp die euch im ┃🎶・ᗷotꓢpam mit dem Befehl "$$rank" angezeigt werden können

Genau 7 Tage später wird das Event beendet. 3 Gewinner wird es geben. Preise:

🥇 2030 RP 🥈 1380 RP 🥉 650 RP

Kanäle in denen man keine Exp erhält: ┃🎶・ᗷotꓢpam ┃➖ꓣoomꓚonfig __

🇬🇧 Our weekly event begins on January 26th, 2022 6 pm!

You will receive 1 Exp per message, which can be displayed in ┃🎶・ᗷotꓢpam with the command "$$rank"

The event will end exactly 7 days later. There will be 3 winners. Prices:

🥇 2030 RP 🥈 1380 RP 🥉 650 RP

Channels in which you don't get an exp: ┃🎶・ᗷotꓢpam ┃➖ꓣoomꓚonfig

Cooldown: 8 seconds/point ; Everyone starts with: 0 ; no pointless spams GL & HF

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