Thirteenth Step Gaming

Thirteenth Step Gaming (abb: 13th DayZ) is a community for gamers run by gamers. We have two decades of experience in online gaming, spreading across multiple games and gaming genres. During the years we've been making, managing and running different online communities, chat rooms, internet forums and gaming guilds. Our field of expertise doesn't lie solely in DayZ, but we do have thousands of hours in Arma (and it's mods) and we're present in DayZ Standalone from it's release.

At our server we offer unique mix of Role Playing (RP) and PVE elements with designated PVP areas. Custom areas and traders, in-game jobs and different player roles (from legal jobs and government system to drug lords and bandits), mods specifically collected to improve "quality of life" and further expand RP possibilities in DayZ.

Our goal is to create amazing gaming atmosphere and provide pleasant and fulfilling experience for all of our players. We care about our community and we take it very seriously. Also, we're always open to player's ideas and suggestions how to improve and in order to accomplish that we have regular votes and we take actions upon every suggestion.

We want every member to feel safe, secure, relaxed and cheerful and ultimately with a smile on their face after spending day gaming on our server or just chatting in Discord.

There is a long road of survival through harsh world of DayZ, with all kind of possibilities, encounters and events that may happen alongside and different stories waiting to be written. So, make yourself at home, explore our Discord channels, feel free to engage in chat about different topics, take part or create your own gaming events and most importantly - ENJOY!

And lastly, please spread the word about us, let's grow wonderful community together!

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